Purchasing Images


  • $10 for 1
  • $15 for 2
  • $20 for 3
  • $22.50 for 4
  • $5 per image at 5 or more

How to Buy

You can send me an e-mail here: Jakebonz@gmail.com or you can send a message to my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/10FSPhotography/.  You can also use the Contact form on this site.

Let me know the event / album they are from and the file name of each photo you wish to purchase.  You can find the file name in the bottom left of each photo.  You can also find it below each image hosted on SmugMug.  I’ll send you a link to send money via PayPal.  I’ll then begin processing the image, which might include changing levels, removing spots, cropping, etc.  When I’m done, I’ll send you a link for you to download the photo.

If you happen to find a really old photo you want to buy (one without a file name on it), I would suggest you still send me the event they came from and just attach the photos you want a cleaned up, high resolution version of in the e-mail or Facebook message.  I’ll be able to figure it out.