The Long Post-Nats Grind


That’s how many photos I took during my time at the wrong side of Lincoln Airport (or right side depending on who you ask) this past week.

While I have a much, much, much faster method of determining if a photo is good enough to upload and make available for you fine folks, it still takes me on average about 1 second per photo.  That’s 554.95 minutes, or roughly 9 and a quarter hours of determining if the focus is sharp enough, the car is in frame, and there isn’t the backside of a course worker covering up the car.

That’s also assuming I never stop to export some of the really nice ones to post on social media, never get up to refill my drink, never flip whatever record I happen to be playing, never check any comments you nice folks leave, never upload and post each class as I finish, never do anything but stare at one photo a second.

While I am already onto Thursday West Heat 2, I still have a good portion of the mountain to climb.  I’m doing things chronologically and alphabetically by class, so, sorry XP, tough luck running 5th Heat on Friday.

I still haven’t decided if I’ll shoot Steel Cities Event #7 yet considering I may not get those uploaded until late September.

Anyway, you can find the galleries I have done here.  It’s being updated as I finish, so check back often.