Steel Cities Event #6

The struggle for grip was real.

My tires for this one were at the beginning of their noticeable decline.  The thing with the RE-71Rs on big, heavy cars that I’ve noticed over the years is that you’ll typically get about 75 good runs out of them before you have to flip them on the wheel.  The trouble is that they’re never really the same after that.  Sure, you can get about 140 to 160 total runs on a set, but the magic is gone.

This event was with all four tires flipped, and the car was understeering quite a bit in the morning.  A rear shock adjustment made things better, but still not quite where I felt the car would be on fresher tires.  It also didn’t help that we were hosing down the tires after every run in the afternoon to keep them from getting too hot and greasy by the end of the run.

Also, from the urging of another photographer, I decided to change up my approach to shooting an event.  There were a couple of minor growing pains, for sure, but overall, I was pleased with the results.  You can find those photos here.