Steel Cities Event #5

This might have been one of the best courses Steel Cities has had (outside of the Match tours) in a very long time.  And yes, I’m blowing my own horn a bit because I “designed” part of it.  And by “designed” I mean someone else drew a line on a map of the VDA and it was my job to come up with something that got you from the start to the Sandbox.  Two other people came up with the final 2/3rds of the course.

This was also the first event where my co-driver was leading after the morning runs.  It may have taken him a while, but he finally seemed to be getting the hang of the car.  However, I finally got a few turns right on a flyer in the afternoon and that was all I needed to go up half a second.

Ultimately, we ended up with something fast, fun, and rewarding:

If you’re looking for photos, you can find them here.