Steel Cities Event #4

Event 4 was awfully tough from a PAX standpoint.  We had a fairly open, fast, National-event-style course (albeit shorter) combined with a fairly large number of very fast people showing up.  I felt like I might have been able to drive a little bit better, but considering who showed up, a 20th in PAX was actually quite respectable when the top 40 all could threaten to be in the top 10.

On top of that, I had left my MicroSD card for my GoPro at home that day and I didn’t have a spare, so I didn’t have any video of any of my runs to pour over to see where I could be making mistakes and where I could improve.  I only had SoloStorm traces to work with.

Still, a decent showing despite what was essentially a mini-Match Tour thanks to who showed up and how many people in total showed up.

If you’re looking for photos, you can find the gallery here.