Bristol Match Tour

I’ve always liked Match Tours and it was pretty sad to see them shrink down to just two of them in the country.  How Day Two of them ran really needed to be fixed, but it never really did.

That said, though, I still managed to have quite a good time at the Bristol Match Tour despite the very hot and humid conditions…and getting blown out of the water by a very fast M3 driver.  Realistically, my goal was a 2nd place finish.  I missed out on that by only a few tenths, and a cone took away 3rd, which left me in 4th behind a co-driven M3 with two very capable drivers behind the wheel.  Still, 4th was a trophy spot.

On Sunday, I decided to at least do the morning portion to see if I could improve.  Turns out I put down a time that had I ran it once the day before, I would have met my goal of 2nd in class.  And that, I was proud of:

It also did highlight (and sort of foreshadow) the fact that maybe it isn’t my driving that’s holding me back.  Sure, I could have picked up a couple of tenths here and there…we call can on every run…but there isn’t much I can do when I’m on the limiter for so much of a run with no convenient place to upshift or downshift.  A F Street E9X M3 can go roughly 9 mph faster than me in second gear.  That’s quite a significant difference that I can’t overcome.  Still, again, I was happy with how I drove.

You can find photos from the Bristol Match Tour here.