Bristol Champ Tour

This might be the event I can point to and say that yes, I might actually know what I’m doing in a car around an autox course.

For this event, I parked the Mustang and jumped into my buddy’s 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe running in G Street for the event.  I had driven the same car in the pouring rain for a couple of runs around the 2018 Nationals Test & Tune course and I marveled at how much grip it had even in those conditions.  Since we were both signed up for the Champ, I decided to ask him if he’d be kind enough to let me be his tire warmer.  Little did I know that I’d be doing much more than that.

After a few runs on day one, trying to sort out line choice and shifting strategy, I was genuinely shocked to find out I was in 3rd heading into my final run of that day.  And while I stayed in that spot, I put down a flyer to get me within a tenth of the lead.

I basically drove with zero pressure, zero expectations, and zero fear in a car that was actually at the pointy end of the class, not an also-ran like my Mustang.  The result was being faster than many very experienced drivers and being right off the pace of a National Champion.

My day two start was a bit shaky.  Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was tire temps (it had cooled down significantly since the day before), but I wasn’t getting the car to stick how I had wanted it.  I was off the pace by quite a bit for my first two runs, but once there was a bit of heat in the rear tires and I had confidence in the car, I put down the fastest G Street time of the day.  Unfortunately for me, the National Champ in front of me did National Champ things and ended up edging me out by just over 7 hundredths of a second.

So, does anyone have a gently used 10th Gen Si they wanna sell me?

Anyway, here are Bristol Champ Tour photos.