Steel Cities Event #3 & SCCA Time Trial

This event was the first time in a while where I had runs that felt good (not necessarily mistake-free) from the start to the finish.  I managed to put down a class-winning time on my first run out, but by the end, I knocked another 4 tenths off of that time.

It was also a good event to figure out how to manage tire temperatures with two drivers thanks to a laser thermometer I got a hold of.  In the cooler morning runs, it was nothing but blankets after every run.  For the afternoon, we started with the blankets, but switched to spraying down one side thanks to tire temps reaching north of 170 degrees coming off of a run.  Bridgestones tend to get greasy when you get to those temps.  They seem to really like the 130-150 range, and we tried to have the tires right around 120 when the car was at the line.  That way they most likely wouldn’t be overheated by the end of the run.

There was also a whole bunch of activity going on at PittRace besides us.  It was for all intents and purposes a SCCA takeover.  Track Night…er…Morning in America, Formula 3 & 4, plus the new Time Trials.  In addition to getting my regular event photos, I also got photos of a few groups of the Time Trial going on.

You can find the AutoX gallery here and the Time Trial gallery here.

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