Misery Bay Event #3

First outing of the year in the Miata for me.  It was quite a long while since I last drove it in anger and I wasn’t too sure I’d remember how to get the most out of the little guy.  Fortunately, it only really took me 3 runs to get the hang of it again.  I ended up being really consistent in it, with 5 of my 7 runs being within 0.2 of each other.

I should be happy with a 2nd in PAX, but looking at the data, I left a little time out there on all my 37.1XX runs.  While 2 tenths of a second doesn’t sound like much, at all, I did lose out on my first top PAX…again…by only 0.076 seconds.

That said, I do have event photos available here.

If you’d like to purchase any, just follow the instructions on the Purchasing Images page.